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  1. I’m not sure that I agree with the ‘right wing’ of america – couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Jesus, or the christian god, or the muslim god (same fucking god) – no, not my thing. But I do believe that in the maelstrom of life, living according to ideas and placing the integrity of action and belief ahead of a few cheap dollars is the only path to honor. As americans we are beholden to great ideals – but hating a bunch of people because they offend you is not one I can get behind – i will defend the rights of illinois nazi’s as righteously as I will defend boy-buggering pederasts like socrates! i take it that, as americans we can agree to fight the injustice first, and then start ripping each other to shreds later. Thing about freedom is that it smells a lot like crotch-rot.

    So – you and I probably don’t agree with much, but we have something in common – our mutual dislike and distrust of the feds. Fuckers lied. I don’t tolerate that in my family, I do not tolerate lies in my world – fucker in the white house lied to me. That’s enough – i don’t care about much else. I’m fucking proud of Obama in some ways – deeply proud that he is the president. But he lied to me. That requires some fixing. If I could keep my insurance, it’d be ok – but the fucker lied. I don’t tolerate that – anywhere.

    Hell, I’m training up my daughter to be a senator, and the thing I teach her is the credo of Geronimo – a total failure of a man – he wound up going christian. But he fucking held out longer and with more style and pride than anyone i can think of. Too bad he finally gave up, bowed to the gun and kisses jesus’s ass – but on the whole, 35 against 5000 – those are American Odds – We The People are prepared to fight at that level, at least in our dreams – 35 against 5000. The balls on that man must have been magnificent.

    Here is a poem I wrote the other day – my brother in law came to kill my mother in law. He’s alive to attack my mother in law because I failed to resolve the situation with sufficient strength. I woke up that day to yet more pointless over-leglized bullshit in the name of freedom. I am dealing with attempted murder and bullshit bureaucracy – and I am only powerless with the bureaucrats.

    I want my god damn freedom back, but those fuckers in fucking washington are hell bent on selling us some vitamin-free freedom-product – taste’s like freedom, without all the pesky rights.

    so anyhow – i suspect we really do not have much in common – conservatism can suck my lubed left ass cheek, but I’ll fight for your rights as same as I expect you to fight for mine. And that, that above all else, is what makes us brothers.

    but maybe I’ve read you wrong – will you defend *My God* as I would defend yours? Will you defend Allah? (not mine, but after so many years in the fucking middle east desert, I hate all the god damn judeo-christian gods – fuck jesus, fuck mohammed, fuck fucking abraham – bible is some sick fucked up shit). My country…. I will fight for gay marriage, I will fight for civil rights, I will fight for the right of americans to bear arms and create a society based on hate – it is their right, and it is not my place to police that right – i must talk my brothers out of using that AK47, but I can not abridge their right to hold it.

    My family – hah….. my family is where my dead lie buried.

    My american liberty… once upon a time I would have capitalized that. But today – my liberty is my liberty, it is my inalienable human right and it has no nation. America has shit on freedom, I no longer want the word “America” to stain the rights of Freedom!

    America is dead. Long live america.

    good luck,


    Here is the poem:

    Chan has come to kill my mother in law.

    I am arguing that I need to head over there again – i should have killed him when I had the chance.
    I think again to why I did not kill him, the blood on my hands, the bamboo cutting his air
    I like to blame it on the police
    but it was my own fear that paused me

    I no longer have that fear
    I have watched the damage to my family
    I want now to taste the salt of his life, to plant a fern in a field moistened by battle

    there are counstables in the federal capitol who want to kill me, just today, for trying to see a doctor
    my land, with OAR 410-120-1280, has made it illegal for me to seek a doctor’s care
    by law, my land tries to kill me

    i merely want to kill a man who is trying to kill my family
    where is the justice? in the law of the capitol?

    i piss on america – it is gone – it is mislaid – it is too much to the side. there is no honor in this flag.
    i will stare at the sky and I will fight every red-white-and-blue
    there is no more honor in the title of ‘american’ – that is empty for me, a pointless tylenol without medicine

    today someone tried to kill a member of my family
    i can’t count the number of times the united states has tried to kill us
    i can no longer stare at my flag with honor
    i would never burn the flag, to burn it would desecrate the shit I’ve spilt using it as an ass rag
    i honor american ideals, but I will never again honor the country
    the country long ago gave away it’s right to our most noble name

    I am American, I stand proud and free, I stand before the Sky, and if you call the Sky God, then we are brothers!
    I am American, I stand for freedom – I stand for civility, i stand for blindness in the face of color
    I am American, I stand firm and final to learn Geronimo’s pride
    I am American – I am the bear that roared, there is nothing like me, there can never be
    By definition we are all that is tomorrow
    I will squash a washington that kills america, for I am American

    in this moment, i toy with a nickle – i dream and wonder
    am i strong enough to honor this nickel
    am i strong enough to honor those few cents?

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