One comment on “Donald J. Trump : American Male.              Crooked Hillary’s Crooked Media are frothing at the opportunity to victimize Donald Trump for being Male.  I have sad news for you Sunshine, put 2 or more men together and to varying degrees the conversation will turn to sex and conquest. It’s how we are genetically wired. It’s called survival of the species. Woman kind cannot remake us in their image. It’s unnatural.  We can be hypocrites to make you feel better, but there is no safe word, no safe place from being a man. And the strong women I know wouldn’t have it any other way.  If most of these whiny View watchers knew how their emasculated husbands talked about their Hot neighbor when they weren’t around they would be apoplectic.  There was a favorite 1980s comedian of mine who used to say, “If you knew what I was thinking right now, you would never stop slapping me.”   Now let’s all suck it up and get back to the issues.  I have no problem with what DJT said in a private conversation.

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